Governor closes 6th All India Badminton Championship

IMPHAL, June 7: Addressing the closing function of the 6th All India Police Badminton Championship, 2013 which was hosted by the Manipur Police, Governor of Manipur, Gurbachan Jagat said that the state police whose main task is maintaining law and order have been conducting championships in different sports disciplines for its officers and men, under the aegis of the All India Police Sports Control Board.

Besides, the States' police, the Central Police Organisations are also members and compete in these championships and the police is now a major employer and because of the nature of its functions, the officers and men have to maintain fitness, he added.

He further said that since its manpower is large, all the organizations induct a fairly large number of sports persons who had done their State and Nation proud and who have brought glory to the country, he said, adding that the All India Police Sports Championships is to provide a platform for testing the skill and ability of the officers and men in the field of sports. Stating that Badminton is one discipline which is open only to the officers and this championship provides a window for the officers from different organizations to know each other, he complimented all the participants in this championship and expressed his belief that coming from disciplined forces, they must have competed in the true spirit of the game.

He informed that Manipur because of various constraints has severe limitations in organizing such competitions, in terms of accommodation, etc. and however, he trusted that all the participants, especially those who had come from outside the State had taken such limitations in their stride with the sole objective of doing well in the championship.

He went on to say that Manipur, despite its small size and small population, has consistently been performing well in the field of sports but badminton is not one of our strengths, however, we have the potential to do well in this discipline also, provided sufficient emphasis is given as Manipuris have the agility, flexibility and stamina required for this game.

Badminton was developed by the British in India but its popularity in the country is still below par, though we have produced some top players now and then and more efforts need to be made so that we have the bench strength, which is an absolute necessity if we want to become a world power in this game, he said while adding that in any conflict ridden situation all activities including sports are impacted and this we have seen in Punjab, Yugoslavia, and the African countries. He continued that however, in Manipur this trend is not observed, perhaps, sport spersons are respected by all and there is no interference by any party as a result, they can blossom according to their talent.

Now sports is being touted across the globe as a harbinger of peace and an excellent tool for harnessing the youth and hence, every country is laying emphasis on sports, he said, adding that all the competitors have had an excellent competition and the best must have won.

He declared the 6th All India Police Badminton Championship, 2013 closed.

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