Manipuri DU student commits suicide

NEW DELHI, April 15 (agencies): A Delhi University student has killed himself with a mobile phone charger.

C Kripa Singh, who hailed from India's north-east province of Manipur, was a first-year music student at Hindu College in New Delhi. He committed suicide by hanging, using the wire of a mobile phone charger.

The police said they had found a suicide note in the hostel room where he was found dead. They confirmed there was no prima facie evidence of any foul play. However, police have taken the precaution of sending Singh's body for post-mortem.

The contents of the suicide note have not yet been revealed.

His roommates were not present at the time of the incident, but found the body and reported it to police.

His father Bijoy said his son had been undergoing treatment for depression for the past three months. He visited New Delhi when he found out about his son's fragile state of mind, renting a house just a kilometre from the college. He said his son had been worn down by his depression since arriving at Hindu College, and that he was planning to take his son back to Manipur.

This is the second suicide at the prestigious Hindu College in six months.

Last November, Shashi Shekhar, 21, killed himself in the same university accommodation. He hanged himself from a ceiling fan in his room.

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