BJP attacks Cong, demands Gaikhangam’s resignation on moral ground over Sept 13 blast

IMPHAL, September 16: The Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP today demanded the resignation of state Home Minister Gaikhangam on ‘moral grounds’ for his inaction to name the attackers of the September 13 Khoyathong blast that killed nine construction workers.

Addressing the media at the state BJP office here, vice president and former MLA Th Nandakishore charged that the state Home Department has failed to protect the common people.

“I, on behalf of the party and people demand immediate resignation of the Home Minister Gaikhangam on moral grounds”, he said.

The spokesperson further said that the Home department has not been able to identify the attackers till today and further attributed it to the ineffectiveness of the government.

The BJP leader also mentioned that the price of Super Fine rice has soared to Rs 25 per kg in the market and then the state Government is saying that it will provide it at Rs 3 per kg to over 18 lakh population of Manipur under Food Security Bill is absurd. He further added that there is no road to bring in the items, or godowns for storage and above all no process to select the beneficiaries in the districts of the state.

The unavailability of the super fine rice in the market has created a big problem for the people, especially those suffering from diabetes, he said.

Nandakishore expressed that the fair price shops where the people were supposed to get their PDS items have disappeared a long time ago from the state.

Th Nandakishore said the Public Distribution System in the state is a complete failure today and further continued that MLAs and ministers have complete control over the PDS quotas.

The government has failed to legislate any developmental programmes, policies for the state, he said while declaring that a few hours of rain can cause road inundations in Imphal city.

He continued his criticism of the state government for not providing sufficient potable water and electricity to its people.

The very existence of departments like Planning and MAHUD has today become unnecessary, he said.

The 12 year old Congress government has failed to maintain law and order, he further accused.

He further charged the state Education minister Moirangthem Okendro of being inefficient and said, admitting 1500 students into the TG Higher Secondary School which has a capacity of only 500 students without the provision of the needed infrastructure has adversely affected the students.

The education policy has totally failed, he continued.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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