Id-ul-Fitr greetings

IMPHAL, August  8: Governor Dr Ashwani Kumar has greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Id-ul-Fitr.  

The Governor in his greeting massage said, “I extend my warmest greetings to our Muslim brethren and all the people of Manipur on the auspicious and joyous occasion of Id-ul-Fitr”.

“This Holy Festival preceded by a month long fasting, not only spreads the message of peace, brotherhood and universal love but also exhorts mankind to perform deeds of high value to enhance our souls. The message is most relevant in the present world, where there is turmoil in many parts of the globe.”

“Celebrating a festival like Id-ul-Fitr strengthens the feeling of oneness and ill-will is forgotten and forgiven. I would like to remind that we human beings inhabit only one planet and the whole world is a single family. We cannot leave the planet and survive elsewhere. On this auspicious occasion, as recipients of the love of God, let us all resolve to work together to preserve and disseminate the message of peace, friendship and love.”

“I join the people of Manipur in the celebration of the Holy Festival ofld- ul-Fitr.”    

Meanwhile, in a separate release, Deputy Speaker MK Preshow Shimray has also extended his greetings on the occasion.

“It gives me a great pleasure to greet the people of Manipur on the happy and auspicious occasion of the Muslim community’s ‘Idul-Fitr.’”  

“Idul-Fitr is a unique festival which Muslim people celebrate with great enthusiasm after Ramzan's one month fasting around the world. As this festival is celebrated with a pure mind, it is time to collectively work without caste and religion to destroy the dark forces in the society which are trying to disrupt the peace and development in our State.”   

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