Transporters alleged assault at Dimapur

IMPHAL, July 3: Two persons were reportedly beaten up and robbed of their belongings near Hong Kong market at Dimapur. The incident occurred at around 11 pm on Tuesday.

The victims are identified as Ksh Bheigyamani (23 )and Laishram Bhimo Singh (21). They were coming from Dimapur to Manipur on their Tata Magic vehicle bearing number MNOIX 4977 when a black Bolero jeep bearing registration number NL 03/3715 overtook them near the mentioned spot.

Three armed persons were inside the vehicle and one alighted and accused them that the duo were carrying weapons. Bheigyamani and Bhimo said that they were just travelling along the route and carried no firearms. Then, they were strip searched and the vehicle was also searched thoroughly. Later, their personal belongings inclusive of money, mobile phones, driving license, clothes were bundled up.

The perpetrators took the key of their vehicle and directed the duo to accompany them. Bheigyamani pleaded that they had nothing to do with any weapons and were innocent civilians but the attackers beat him up and left behind the key of the vehicle.

Afterwards, a complaint was lodged with the Nagaland East Police which is located near ‘Teen mile’ area.

The victims were helped by the police and a case was also registered. The crime scene was also inspected by the police.

Afterwards, the Nagaland police also gave money for their travelling expenses and a letter concerning the plight of the duo and further provided free passage from all police stations in Nagaland upto Khujuma, Bheigyamani said.

Ironically, they were hassled by the state police starting from Tadubi onwards with both being asked for money by police personnel despite explaining their status, they mentioned. The same treatment was also meted out at Hunbung by VDF personnel.

The victims complained of the imposition by the state police even despite being from the same state and applauded the Nagaland police for their yeoman service.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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