CCpur ADC discusses 11 agendas

LAMKA, June 26: The Autonomous District Council (ADC) CCpur today held its first sitting of the year and at its Assembly Hall attached to the office of the ADC, Tuibuang, Ccpur.

The Sitting or Assembly started with the Manmuanching, CEO  of ADC Churachandpur reading out the minutes of the last sitting to the members present where on the question raised by Executive Member Mangchinkhup on the status of last  sitting’s agenda, the chairman of the ADCC Langkhanpau Guite answered that the resolution of the last sitting are still  pending as the State Govt is still deliberating on whether to put the issue before the State Assembly or before the Cabinet.

The agendas for today’s sitting which numbered 11 in all include recognition of village; shifting of Landan Kuki JB school to Phaihel village; Separate mid-day meal for ADCC’s; Pension benefit of council’s members and employees; Filling of vacant post and creating new post; Transfer of land records from Bihshnupur to Ccpur; Oil exploration; Six Schedule demands; Amendment of council Act; Sitting allowances and Council day 2013.

The 26 member deliberated on the agendas one by one and made decision to pass and  forward most of the agendas with the exception of Council Day  2013, council amendment act 1971 which the members present decided should be studied further by the members individually.

The shifting of school(no.2) is also  refer for further discussion as the members had deemed it to be premature to take action now and instead it recommended to set up an inspection team to see the feasibility.

Some of the agendas to be forwarded to the higher authorities by the ADCC are sitting allowance which was fixed for its member at Rs 1000 per sitting.

A number of villages numbering six are to be forwarded for recognition while on the question of shifting an LP School the council deliberated and discussed and it was found that many chiefs have recommended to the ADC for such acts which doesn’t  go down well with many Members.

Suanchinpau Guite MDC in this regards say that the shifting of schools is above the power of the chief and asked ‘’ who is in charge of the schools, the village chief or the MDC /Govt, who are elected by the people?

It was emerged during the discussion that the MDC had once accosted a chief who had sold off a school located inside his village for a sum of Rs 30000, however after the intervention of the MDC the deal was cancelled.

On the question of agenda no 6, the council decided that the territorial demarcation line of the District had to be protected at all cost and in this regard they recommend to had the DC of Ccpur to look into the matter further.

The members deliberated that the geographical and administration coverage of the Sagang and Tolbung villages fall under CCpur District and as such they must pay revenue as CCpur residents.

To protect this alteration of Ccpur area into Bishnupur boundary, a petition, as decided by the member, was drafted to be further forwarded to the higher authorities.

On the question of oil exploration the member had decided to forward the decision which was approve by majority members.

Several members said that the indigenous people had to be consulted first before the govt take the decision.

Hrila, MDC of Saikot said that silence will be construed as endorsement of the plan of exploration by the govt.

The Chairman ADCC added that the UNO'S practice of “Free  and Prior informed Consent” of the indigenous  people must be applied and that every act of the govt must count on the consent of the indigenous people.

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