MSCW question Advocate judgement

IMPHAL, May 23: Pointing to a news item under the headline “HC stays MSCW’s arrest warrant” in connection with a domestic violence case published in a local daily on May 21, 2012, the Manipur State Commission for Women (MSCW) has charged the advocate who was responsible of impropriety.

Addressing media persons at her office chamber yesterday evening, Dr Ibetombi Devi, Chairperson of MSCW said the case proceeding has been on stay basis complying with an order for the same from the High Court. She pointed out that the media report of such cases should be filed after getting the final judgement.

She continued that facts and material of cases are not present during interim order of stay as it is an ex-parte order. " The headline does not agree with the body of the mentioned news item. It was published with an intention to falsify and defame the commission as if it does not know how to work", she maintained.

In the news the advocated expressed his one sided opinion trying to earn pseudo popularity and to misguide the people and the Women Commission. He has made the judgement even before the Court makes its final judgement. It is unclear whether he is doing practice in newspaper, she added.

Leaving on the people to decide, the Chairperson maintained that the Women Commission works on women empowerment by exercising the power entitled to it after hearing the complaint related to cases of violence against women. It has the same jurisdiction as that of a civil court, she added.

The mentioned news item should be rechecked as its headline and body do not match. What MSCW is expressing today is not challenging the High Court stay order but to make people aware of the wrong opinion of the advocate who was responsible for being the source of the news, she added.

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