Mahasen skips Manipur

LAMKA, May 18: Cyclonic Storm Mahasen had a minor effect in Ccpur with people not turning up to the marketplace as usual, and several shops doing below  par business.Throughout the day,  the weather fluctuated between sunshine and clouds.

The DC of  CCpur Maniram Sharma said that there was no need to panic as the cyclone threat had gone and the weather was now normal.

But to those selling perishable goods,  it is a different story. As one vegetable hawker Ngaino said, "I have not beem able to sell my items which means I will incur losses." She however admitted that business picked up a little in the evening.

The district administration today took to using loudspeakers to assure the people that everything was normal with regard to the cyclone.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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