Animal Gym completes first phase of PLHIV/AIDS project

IMPHAL, April 30: Animal Gym, Khoyathong Polem Leikai, completed the first phase of its programme christened 'Stepping.

Forward Together with People Living with HIV/AIDS' which is aimed at prolonging the lives of People Living with HIV and AIDS.

The study was conducted over a period of one month from March 21 to April 25 this year during which three PLHIV/AIDs volunteers were put on a strict regimen of nutritious diet and controlled physical training which comprise the supplement to the ART medication they were already receiving, said a press release.

It copntinued that healthy living, exercise plus ART therapy is probably the most popular advice by doctors everywhere for longer and quality life.

Founder of Animal Gym RK Viswajit on April 29 released in the presence of media persons the result of the study which showed that all the volunteers had achieved remarkable improvement, it said.

It further continued that the CD4 count of one of them, Bony (name changed), leapfrogged from 168 ul on March 21 to 425 ul on April 25 while the counts of the other two volunteers John Kabui (name changed) and Ray(name changed) improved from 184 ul to 278 ul and 876    ul to 899 reportedly.  

It is also said that experts agreed that the improvement shown by Bony was a phenomenal achievement over such a short span oftime, adding that generally a rise of around 20 units is regarded to be acceptable.

During the function, Bony confirmed improvement in his overall health condition after he followed the prescribed routine at the programme, mentioning that he had got ridden of several ailments, it said.

Viswajit stated that the gym was registered 2005 to take up the challenges of coaxing youth in Manipur to lead a healthy lifestyle. He carried the idea of the programme in his head for more than eight years and even though he was absolutely confident about his diet ingredients and work-out chart working wonders, it was only last month that he could actuate it. Viswajit thanked Dr Th Brojen Associate Prof of Oriental College for his logistic support in the arrangement of the programme, the statement said.

Further according to the statement, he informed that a unit of the gym had already been opened exclusively for the PLHIV / AIDS furnished with equipment especially designed and installed by him to suit their purpose. Right on his mind currently is searching for convenient means of generating incomes for the volunteers so that they can support a healthy diet on a long term basis. If possible, he wanted to employ them as coaches at the unit so that they can literally earn while they play.

Former AIDS consultant for WHO and OXFAM, Dr Kh Nabakishore stated that based on the reports, which was prepared by a leading diagnostic clinic of Manipur, the programme should be regarded as a huge success, it said.

He stated that the health regimen used in the programme can help to make up for loss of muscle tone and reduction in aerobic capacities which are evident during HIV infection. Further, he stated that it can help in compensating the side effects of HIV medication, the statement concluded.

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