Trinamool Congress calls for “Change”

LAMKA, April 24: The Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress (MPTC) has called for the urgent need of a "change" in Manipur. The State Party President Kim Gangte was addressing a press conference at Sounggel, in Churachandpur district today where she spoke about the failure of the incumbent Congress Government in the state.

She said, “There is no government in Manipur. It is but existing in name only”.

She blamed the Government for exploiting the people to the extent that they are now scared of the government.

She further alleged that the government seem to be aiding trouble makers during bandhs by harassing those who dare to venture out during the bandh.

She continued her tirade by claiming that she had seen “zero development” along the way while coming back from Mizoram along the Guite Road in CCpur as part of inspecting the area.

While there were no development activities in the Manipur part of the road stretch, the Mizoram part was teeming with developmental activities, she continued.

“We need a change that we can believe in”, she said.

Kim Gangte continued by saying that the Chief Minister of Manipur is more like the Chief Minister of Thoubal, where development is such that people are outnumbered by buildings and hence, left unoccupied.

She claimed that the village chiefs who were present during the conference are yet to get benefits of any schemes under the IAY, BRGF etc.

She continued that everyone must be aware of the fact that the Centre contributes 20 percent funds with the DoNER which is yet to reach the people of the state.

Regarding the issue of drug consignments being seized in the state, she said the Government’s response is conspicuous due to its apathy and insincerity on the issue.

On the huge migration of village folk to towns she said it is the result of the lack of performance on the part of the Government in terms of health care and other developmental activity and added that everywhere she had been to, there is are no health centers.

Gangte continued saying that the Government must have political dialogues with the rebel groups in the state and not let only a bureaucrat or some police officials do the talking.

Jiken Singh, Treasurer of the MPTC party  addressing the conference also said, "Ccpur is an ideal place to start the change that we believe in," and added "the seven member representatives of TC  in the Manipur Assembly have been trying to raise many issues at the Assembly season but the last sitting was for only three days which the Govt. wasted."

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