“Change possible only when Congress is ousted”

IMPHAL, October 21: “The present environment in the country is desperately crying for a change and that change is possible only when the Congress is removed from governance” said National spokesperson of the BJP, Nirmala Sitharaman.

The BJP leader who had travelled to the state as one of the central leaders invited for a state-level political workshop made the statement during a press conference held at the state BJP head office at Nityaipat Chuthek today.

She stated that the misfortune of absence of good leadership has befallen the ruling Congress government and every state is affected with various problems. Inter-state and international boundary issues have cropped up in abundance but the Union government has not replied appropriately to the complaints other than passing the buck to the state government rather than trying to solve the problem together, she stated.

Indian Constitution has made clear demarcation about the issues which are to be handled by the state, centre or concurrently. However, the Centre has tried to be the dominant partner all the time and impose their decisions on the states without properly contemplating whether the state government will be able to handle it or not, she said. The fundamental structure of centre-state relationship should be based on good-will, she stated.

Apparently, lack of leadership has been reflected in the internal, external and developmental related issues of the country and the need for change is extreme, she said.

Both the central and state governments frequently talked about the road constructed under the Congress governments, so what is problem happening along the 220 km Imphal – Jiribam road which is the life line of Manipur, she stated.

Taking about the phumdi cleaning project at Loktak Lake, she further raised doubt whether the amount of Rs 220 crore sanctioned had been used in the right direction. How long will it take to restore the Loktak Lake to its original natural glory, she said.

She accused the Congress government in the state of not running the public distribution system properly and expressed lack of confidence in the state’s ability to implement the Food Security Act unless there is proper transportation and facilities for storing the items.

She continued that the Congress government talked about the state’s potential in the field of the sports but little support or assistance for the sportspersons were forthcoming and demanded better attention from the Union government in this regard.

Turning to the issue of police recruitment she said the process is full of scandals. The police duty is to enforce the law and the practice of corruption in the recruitment stage has lead to various unwanted incidents, she alleged. 

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