“Bamboo which grows in abundance in state has lots of potential”

IMPHAL, September 12: The state level workshop on “Standardizing the Cultivation and Harvesting Methods of Non-Timber Forest Produce(NTFP) and Indicator Development for their Sustainable Management in Manipur" organized by SFDA under the aegis of NAEB, NEHU Shillong was held at FDA Hall, Mantripukri Forest complex today.

Speaking at the function, RK Srivastava, IFS, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest said that the training is an important program since it is for the forest staff and JFMC members on the one hand and on the other hand it is aimed at   improving NTFP cultivation, harvesting and their sustainable management, value addition and marketing of NTFP produce.

He continued that the State of Forest Report, 2011 brought out by the Forest Survey of India, recorded the forest area of Manipur to be 17,418 Sq Km or 78.01 % of total geographical area of the state and forest/tree cover 17,090 Sq Km or 76.54 Sq Km.

Manipur is also strategically located at the confluence of two major zoo-geographic regions namely Oriental Region and Indo Malayan region, he said and continued that the state is a part of a global biodiversity hotspot namely Indo-Burma Hotspot and these are two major reasons for occurrence of abundant NTFPs or Minor Forest Products, including medicinal plants, found in Manipur.

He further said that the use of bamboo and its products are indispensable for the people of Manipur as bamboo is used in building material, furniture, fencing, utensils and baskets, mats, paper and pulp and even as food item.

He continued that in addition to its customary use bamboo has a lot of potential in domestic, industrial and commercial uses and Manipur has abundant resources of bamboo. 

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