HTC Moreh appeals for regular power supply

IMPHAL, April 15: With the onset of summer since March, the heat/temperature has crossed 40oC mark and there is nothing we can do about it except to seek relieve and breathe under any available coolers which is possible only when there is power supply, informed a statement of Hill Tribal Council (HTC), Moreh.

Since the recent past, power supply in Moreh has been not just irregular but uncertain as there is no time schedule. It has nothing to do with technical failure or machinery breakdown. We are completely at the mercy of power station controller, it added.

The statement continued that realizing the need and inevitability of regular electricity, the HTC, Moreh after consulting the EE and AE Electricity Chandel Division initiated a mass drive on power consumers. The efforts bore fruit and we had been able to clear all pending bills to reach Zero Balance but later,the Electricity Department has not paid heed to the needs of the people, the statement said.

Assuring that HTC would continue to to ensure payment of power bill regularly by every consumer, it has urged upon the Chief Minister to intervene and ensure regular electric supply to the people of Moreh and more so, considering that the town is on the international border.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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