CorCom announces general strike against President’s visit

IMPHAL, April 10: The CorCom has announced an a statewide general strike from 6 am of April 15 to 8 am of April 16 against the President of India’s proposed visit to Manipur on April 15.

However, media, water supply, electricity, fire service, medical and ritual functions will be exempted from the general strike, said a press statement of the outfit.          

A press statement of the Coordination Committee (CorCom) of the six underground organizations namely KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF and UNLF has said that the CorCom as a part of its freedom movement has barred the entry of the President of India in Manipur.

The statement further asked for support from the people of Manipur in their cause.

After Manipur became a part of India, instead of bringing improvement of the “productive forces” for economic growth, the people are now made to forget that they were self reliant before, the statement said. Above all, the people of Manipur are made to live in such a way that they have to depend on almost everything to others for their living, it said.

People of Manipur should understand that the Indian leader is coming to Manipur in the pretext of participating the silver jubilee celebration of Adimjati Siksha Ashram and also to inaugurate some buildings constructed in the Ashram’s complex, is nothing but to fooled the eyes of the people of Manipur by showing of some building in the name of development to further strengthen India’s rule to Manipur, it alleged.

The President of India should be held responsible for all the killings and violence committed by security forces and also letting officers of security forces to smuggle drugs in Manipur to finish off the whole generation, it maintained.

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