Woman vendors shifted to Wangjing Keithel New Market after much delay

IMPHAL, October 2: Under the initiative of Wangjing Lamding Nagar Panchayat, around 259 women vendors who possess vendor license cards were shifted to the newly constructed Wangjing Keithel New Market Shed which was inaugurated on November 2011 by Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh.

Speaking to media persons, H Gourango, Chairperson of the Wangjing Lamding Nagar Panchayat said necessary steps have been taken up by consulting with the concerned departments to issue vendor license card to 175 women vendors who are yet to receive the cards and appealed the vendors to wait for some time.

As it was likely that the women vendors who have not receive their license cards might cause unwarranted problems during the shifting process, there were tight deployment of police personnel in the area and those women vendors who possess license cards were allowed to shift to the new market shed one by one after thorough checking of their card cheques.

H Gourango further said though the new market shed was inaugurated long time back, seat arrangement process could be completed only today because women vendors who are yet to be issued license cards have been occupying the market seats for a while.

He continued that the seat arrangement today was done only after receiving several complaints from women vendors who had already been issued license cards.

Saying that the government had constructed the market shed with its first floor not design to accommodate women vendors, he said after urging the concerned department and authority, the first floor will be repaired in such a way that it could accommodate the women vendors who will be receiving their license cards soon.

He further said in older times there was separate market places for tribal women vendors in Tentha, Heirok, Khangabok, Wangbal ect which cannot be seen now and added that the Wangjing Lamding Nagar Panchayat has been trying to restore the market places and bring back its glory.  

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