Villagers alleged police Cdos of dismantling houses

IMPHAL, October 2 : According to the villagers of Silent of Sadar Hills, Manipur police personnel dismantled three houses and also harassed the villagers last evening at Silent village. The villagers have also alleged that the police personnel took away two hens and Rs 1500.

Silent villagers informed Newmai News Network this morning that at around 6.10 pm on Tuesday, 11 police vehicles including four Bolero jeeps, one 407 mini truck and six Maruti Gypsy jeeps appeared all of sudden without any prior information and started dismantling three makeshift houses. Seeing what was happening, womenfolk started clanging electric posts which was responded by the large number of villagers. Thereafter, the Manipur police commandos left the village.

According to villagers, Imphal East district Superintendent of Police Angam Kamei had come to the village on Tuesday at around 2 pm and asked the village leaders to come to his office on October 2 as something was needed to be discussed with the disputed village issue. "The action of the police personnel dismantling the houses last evening was quite surprising," expressed the villagers.

Serou Hongprong who is the headman of Silent village said that a few hours after police officer Angam R. Kamei had left the village, a team of Lamlai police commandos led by officer in- charge (OC) Devkumar entered the village along with women police personnel and dismantled three of the makeshift  houses put up by the villagers. The inmates of the three camps were namely Sr. Pearson (42) s/o late Shashilung, Benjamin (65) s/o late Mitelen and C. P Chans (23) s/o late C. P Tuishem.

Serou Benjamin whose makeshift was dismantled, said that the incident occurred when his family was about to have dinner. The police commandos entered the house and destroyed whatever they could get hold of and spoke rudely to them without any reason. Benjamin then alleged that an amount of Rs 1500 has gone missing and has accused the police of taking away the same with some poultry from the household.

Silent village has a border dispute with neighbouring Saijang village. Villagers of Saijang had attacked the Silent village few months ago.

Meanwhile, representatives of United Naga Council, All Tribal Students Union, Manipur, Tangkhul Naga Long, All Manipur Students Union and Tangkhul Katamnao Long, Imphal visited the village today.

ATSUM lashed out at the Manipur government for its 'callous attitude'. The students' body said the three families whose houses were burnt down by Saijang villagers few months ago, had been confining in makeshift houses as they are nowhere to shelter. ATSUM also lambasted the Hill Area Committee (HAC) and tribal MLAs for not bothering to address the problem. "There are numerous such cases where border disputes are rampant in the hill districts but the HAC and tribal MLAs and MPs ignore them," said ATSUM.

Yarthokthing Kashung, care-taker president, Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) has also condemned the Silent village incident and termed it as uncivilized' being displayed by the Manipur Police commandos.

The UNC said the destruction of three houses in Silent Tangkhul village by the Police commandos of the Government of Manipur at around 6. 00 pm yesterday is most condemnable.

"This lawless act was carried out in spite of the presence and request for restraint of the IRBs, who had been stationed there in view of the law and order situation since May 3, 2013 attack. While it is the bounden duty of a Government to protect the life and property of its citizens, irrespective of the community that they belong to,  the Government of Manipur uses its force to destroy the shelters of citizens whose houses have been burnt down by communal forces," the Naga body alleged.  

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