Transporters say school directive is 'threat to livelihood'

IMPHAL, October 2:  A press note made available to the media by the General secretary of the All Manipur School Students’ Transporter association (AMSSTA), M Sunder Singh said that there is a real threat to the livelihood of the numerous van drivers eking out a living by transporting school students throughout the State.

The release further highlighted the unreasonable conditions of students being made to use only the transport provided/authorized by the school authorities with a high monthly fee, along with a system that differentiate students taking the authorized and unauthorized transport service, thus creating a negative mental block in the minds of the young students.

Terming the development an unfortunate one resulting from the narrow-minded mentality of the school authorities, the release urged the concerned government authorities and other social organizations to look into the matter and to formulate an amicable solution to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. Referring to a recent notification by the Zonal Education, Zone 1, the release sought clarification on whether the directive is to be followed in all schools in the State or is meant for certain areas. Alleging that the recent directive by education authorities to certain schools to arrange and manage their own transport services as the handiwork of a few individuals who stands to gain from it, the association condemned the directive terming it an attempt to snatch away their means of livelihood and appealed to the concerned authorities to reconsider such a move and to  draw up a reasonable plan of action instead.

The release also drew the attention of the Education minister on the ongoing imbroglio, stating that a written statement has been submitted regarding the present condition in September, requesting him to mediate and take necessary actions, but has so far failed to elicit any response, which the release termed an act of negligence on the part of the Minister, and expressed their desire to bring an end to the problem on a positive note.

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