“Punishment necessary to keep crime under control”

IMPHAL, October 24: Crime and punishment should go hand in hand in order to keep the former under control, because crime will continue as long as human being exists as it an integral part of his system, said senior journalist, Irengbam Arun.

He made the statement during a one-day state level convention organized at Manipur Press Club today on “Crime against Humanity” with special reference to murder, rape and murder of women and children in Manipur. The event was jointly organized by Centre for Social Development; North East Dialogue Forum; United NGOs Mission Manipur; Conflict Widow Forum; Self Support Group; New Life Foundation; Christian Network of Positive Women and Women Action for Development.

He stated that even though the police department in the state has huge resources, the investigation unit has failed and the public’s presumption is that the sole function of the department is to suppress militancy.

Due to the non-functioning of the investigation cell, the department is facing trouble in punishing the outlaws and delivering justice to the victims, he said and further alleged that the department has restricted its investigation to those cases which are reflected in the media.

As an outcome of a longstanding mistrust, the public has lost confidence in the police department and whenever any crime occurs in the state there is an inclination for resorting to mob justice and it can be prevailed only when the justice system in the state improves.

Editor of Manipur Mail, N Sanatomba said that the increase in crime in the state is due to failure in the education system, degradation of morality and bad influences from damaging movie scenes.

To slow down the crime against humanity in the state, the people have to focus on making proper analysis of the situation, he said and added that there is no such platform for consultation.

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