Lay less emphasis on imported goods, says Ak Mirabai

IMPHAL, October 20: The people of the state should not give emphasis on imported products. Instead, we should try to produce those items on our own and contribute in increasing the income and employment in the state, said social Welfare and C-operation Minister, Ak Mirabai Devi.

The statement was made during the inauguration of m/s AGOCON’S Agro products of poultry and cattle feeds’ senior pellet plants at Changangei Uchekon, Tabungkhok road today.

She continued that to get government employment in the state will be very hard as a result of the rapid increase in population.

The people of the state should initiate steps to popularize small scale industries to improve socio economic of their families as well as the state, she stated and added that due to lack of knowledge on the concept of small scale industries many policies and schemes implemented in the state have been unsuccessful. She cited lack of loan facilities to the beneficiaries as another reason.

She further said that there are various scope for starting small scale industries and like m/s AGOCON’S everyone should try to establish more business. Moreover, the state has potential to compete with the developed states of India.

Dr SK Khanna stated that pellet is just like a capsule made from any desired substances by melting particles under a certain pressure of stream temperature at 60 degree Celsius to 120 degree Celsius with the help of a dye in a particular shape and size.

Popcorn is an example for pellet and can be feed to cattle’s and poultry animals and its benefits include reduction in segregation in feed, improved palatability, more digestibility of animals. 

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