Bishnupur public convenience facilities wasted

Bishnupur, October 9: Water is a vital source of life and safeguarding and ensuring their safe usability is a prime requisite to keeping various water borne diseases at bay. But in an unfortunate twist of incident, a couple of water hand pumps at Yumnam Khunou Mamang Leikai Ward No. 1 of Keinou Gram Panchayat, Bishnupur District drilled to provide safe drinking water to the local residents by the then Pradhan Chanambam Angousana about three years ago have been rendered useless today, and the same posts are being used as pegs to tie up livestock.

In an exclusive chat with IFP, ex Pradhan Angousana revealed that the water hand pumps were constructed under the funding of state finance at a cost of Rs two lakhs which include a gated public pond measuring 150 feet in length and 70 feet width at Yumnam Khunou Mamang Leikai with barb wire fencing.

The pumps after a few months of hassle free use, began developing problems as the valve needed repairing, which was subsequently done.

The unnecessary use of the said pumps by the local youths despite repeated chiding by the elders is cited as one of the main reasons for the faults developing quickly.

The same process of damage and repairing continued for a couple of times until a few components became unavailable when, in the meantime, the handle and some other parts were stolen.

One side of the gate protecting the public pond has also been stolen. The facilities meant for public use and convenience now lies wasted, contaminated and unusable.

Angousana laments the fact that the public lacks the habit of protecting and preserving public properties or take optimum benefit from such public facilities being constructed by the Government for the welfare of the public. He further went on to point out the habit of the public to wait for the Government to remedy each and every problem. A few local residents, on the other hand, expressed their desire to see the facilities restored by the concerned authorities.

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