Village chairman’s clarification irks ZYF (AMN)

IMPHAL, September 22: The Zelianrong Youth Front (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) has expressed shock and surprise on the clarification issued by one M Kanamsin, chairman of Bitiang (Laphok) village authority on behalf of the army posted at Lamdangmei village denying the illegal detention, electric shock, harassment and physical torture perpetrated on the two persons.

A statement issued by Titus Kamei, president ZYF (AMN) said the clarification could have also been made due to pressure from army personnel involved in the incident in order to avoid bad remarks or impediments in their service career thereby using such village chairman as most of the village chairmen are ignorant of the legal implication regarding such unlawful and illegal excessive activities frequently committed and perpetrated upon innocent persons.

It stated that the two persons namely Tanthuilung Malangmei (25), son of M Gaijanglung and Phungangam Malangmei (26), son of M Meihonchung of Bitiang (Laphok) village were taken into the custody of 10 Assam Rifles located at Noney where they were detained, electric shocked, harassed and rendered physical tortured for two nights after picking them up at 6:30 pm of August 31 and released them only at 10:00 am on September 2.

The ZYF (AMN) further demanded higher authority intervention, enquiry into the matter and to award befitting action against the officers and personnel involved in the case at the earliest.

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