Stop border fencing along Indo-Myanmar border: Kuki Inpi

DIMAPUR, SEP 23 : Kuki Inpi (Manipur, Assam, Nagaland) has requested the Prime Minister of India and the President of Myanmar to stop the proposed construction of border fencing between India and Myanmar.

In the memorandum submitted to the leaders of both India and Myanmar,  Kuki Inpi and Kuki Organization for Human Rights have expressed shock on hearing the news that a boundary fencing wall was proposed to be constructed in the heart of the “Independent Hill Country” in between India and Myanmar.

The memorandum said that the proposed construction of a boundary wall in the middle of this particular “Independent Hill Country” could be compared to the Berlin Wall in Germany.

Kuki Inpi asserted that the indigenous Kuki inhabiting the area would “never allow” division of their land or separation from their ancestral land.

Kuki Inpi warned that if the proposed project was not withdrawn, it might lead to loss of thousands of innocent lives and added that even the British “umbrella” government in the area had never constructed boundary fencing wall and kept the indigenous people of the region (land) free.

The Inpi warned that if the proposed boundary was constructed without the consent of the indigenous people, it would lead to more violence.

Withdrawal of the proposal would bring peace and normalcy in the land where over 50 groups of underground movements were active.

Kuki Inpi said its memorandum as submitted after hearing complaints from several indigenous groups against the proposed plan for border fencing.

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