Security provision to people bounden duty of state, says MLA Irabot

IMPHAL, September 15: As part of security measures post the September 13 IED blast at Khoyathong, the government has been providing shelter to non-locals at Thangal Bazar Dharmasala after picking up them from several places including Ragailong, Thangmaiband, Hapta Golapati, Koirengei, Sekmai and Keithelmanbi.

There are at present around 159 migrants taking shelter in the shelter relief.

Wangkhei MLA Yumkham Irabot who was present at Dharmasala said that the Inner Line Permit means that non-Manipuris too can come into the state and stay as long as they have the permit and return back once their permit ends. "In any sense, the ILP doesn’t mean that non-Manipuris cannot stay in the state," he added.

It is the duty of the state government to provide proper security to the people including the non-Manipuris, he said.

However, it is also the bounden duty of the government to look into the reasons for the people coming into the state, the MLA said.

It is high time for the government to look seriously into the issue, the Wangkhei MLA said.

Ever since the signing of the Indo-Nepal treaty which allows free entry of Nepalis into the country, the population of outsider Nepalis have increased manifold not only in the country but in the state also, which needs proper looking into considering the security factors, he said.

The government has to look into the core issue at the moment, he claimed while declaring the Khoyathong bomb blast as unfortunate.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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