CWC Ukhrul yet to finalize detailed inquiry report of children rescued from Jaipur

IMPHAL, September 8: A team of representatives from various NGOs working on child rights including FXB India Suraksha, Naga People Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), Indigenous Women Forum North East India and the Tangkhul Shanao Long, Delhi visited the families of the children rescued sometime back from two illegal children’s home run by pastor Jacob John at Jaipur and met with the rescued children at Ukhrul besides visiting the house of the pastor.

The team has been in the district for the past few days and meeting not only the rescued children, but with the family members, DC Ukhrul, other civil society organisations, Child Welfare Committee, Ukhrul and other concerned authorities.

This was stated by the spokesperson of the team, Shongvon at the Manipur Press Club today during a press conference.

She further announced several recommendations of the team which had been on a fact finding visit.

Altogether 53 children with 23 from Manipur were rescued from two illegal children homes run by John Jacob in Jaipur earlier and handed over, she said before adding that the children were handed over to the state Child Welfare Committee on April 19, 2013.

The children are currently under the care of Ukhrul CWC and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and undergoing residential bridge course, she said.

Elaborating on the findings of the team during the visit, FXD India Suraksha representative, Satya said that is was found that the detailed inquiry report of the children under the Juvenile Justice Act rule, which is an assessment of the family situation of the children in detail and to explain in writing whether it will be in the best of interest of the child to restore him/her to the families, is yet to be finalised by the CWC Ukhrul.

Speaking further, he said that other findings of the team are that there are still no plans on how medical assistance will reach the children once they are repatriated to their parents. The team also found that the state authorities have failed to produce a proper standard guideline to deal with the rescued children and not specified any budget.

He continued that despite the assurance given by the government to consider the higher studies of the rescued children, the government has not taken any step on the issue till today. Even as the former DC Ukhrul had written to the concerned authority to look into the issue but the matter remains unaddressed till today, Satya said.

He further said that the team is disappointed regarding the irresponsibility and lack of commitment from the state Chief Minister and the Social welfare department in extending support to the rescued children which was aggressively highlighted in the media in the initial period of the time.

He further stated the recommendations taken by the team include that of a through home investigation of each child be done at the earliest and based on the finding carefully, plan for each child should be taken up before restoring them to their respective families, the rehabilitation plan must include all children who were in the same children homes but returned before the rescue owing to health problems.

The list of the children has been submitted to the DC Ukhrul on May 9 by the Ukhrul District Alliance for Child Rights and on June 6 to Nina Nayak NCPRC, he said.

Other recommendations include the constitution of medical team to examine the children and to immediately develop standard guidelines to deal with similar situations for rehabilitation of rescued children; that the State Protection of Child Rights Manipur should be pro-actively engaged in safeguarding the right of the children in compliance with ICPS, ICDS and RTE act; immediate action to be taken up regarding the request made by the ACP Jaipur and the direction given by the Session court Imphal to CJM Ukhrul to record the statement of the children under CRPC 164 as there has been no progress in the case and for the state government to come up with a rigorous plan on preventing child trafficking.

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