Accused in Bangalore trafficking case nabbed

LAMKA, September 4: One person, said to be the main accused in the trafficking of girls from the state to metropolis has been nabbed by Teising Youth Club and Kuki Students’ Union yesterday around 6:30 pm.

The woman has been identified as Niengchin, alias Sanahanbi wife of Tiken Haobiyan of Chingmei Romual Leikai in Moirang sub-division. The accused was later handed over to Kuki Woman Human Right Org. CCpur(KWHRO) at Bijang's B Vengnuam, CCpur.

It has emerged that the accused used to lure young girls by promising jobs.  

Sources said that the women and her accomplices in Bangalore, through middleman called Bala, used to bring  girls to the cities and exploit them.

Some girls managed to contact their parents at home who alerted the KSO in Bangalore who along with  NGO's and Human Rights groups aided by the police team rescued them and sent them home.

The  woman, who was at large till now, has now been caught while going to the house of the two  girls  and  trying to convince and take them back to Bangalore where  they planned to lead the girls to give a 'no contest' statement for the release  of their  Bangalore contact/ kingpin, a certain Siem Edward and  his accomplice Bala who were in lingering in  jail due to the case  relating to the illegal detention  of two girls.

It may be recall that the two girls, who were promised jobs as beauticians in Bangalore, were brought back to  Manipur by KSO Bangalore after they were rescued by a combined team of police, human rights group, students union and Bangalore based NGOs at Forum Mall in Bangalore where the captor demanded Rs 15,000 for the girls' release, following which the police rounded them up and sent them to jail.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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