More state children rescued from Jaipur Home

DIMAPUR, July 4 :  Four more children from Manipur that include three girls aged 8, 12, 19 and one 15 year old boy were rescued from the 'home' of one Rajkumari Ronica Robinson in Jaipur, a former friend of Jacob John, where they were being exploited and kept as a domestic servitude.  FXB Suraksha India rescued those four children and following that two members of Tangkhul Shanao Long, Delhi (TSLD) went to Jaipur to provide psycho-social support and to counsel the children.

In March this year, 51 children were rescued from the children homes run by Jacob John in Jaipur.

Meanwhile, Tangkhul Shanao Long, Delhi (TSLD) informed Newmai News Network that three children hail from Alang village and one from Pungba Khunou who is the senior-most among them.

According to the senior most rescued girl, she would supervise the chores in the house of  Robinson.  The 19 years old girl said, she first came to Jaipur in the year 2000 and stayed at the Grace Home, an alleged shelter for children which was run by Jacob John, who was arrested after 51 children were rescued from the 'homes' this March.

One of the girls who is 12 years old revealed during the counseling that they were ill-treated and physically abused. The 12 years old girl and 8 years old girl said they were brought to Jaipur by one Anem from Ukhrul district of Manipur, whose sister is married to Jacob John's brother.

They were all brought to Jaipur for free quality education.

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