Minister promises adequate infrastructure development of educational institutes

IMPHAL, July 27:  State Education Minister M Okendro has promised adequate infrastructure development for educational institutes located within Sugnu constituency.

The Minister along with the MLA of the mentioned constituency, K Ranjit along with Director of Education (S), H Dilip Singh conducted a whirlwind tour to four educational institutes today.

The team visited Kakching Khunou College, Kakching Khunou Government High School, Serou Practical High School and Sugnu Higher Secondary.

The first visit was conducted at Kakching Khunou College and the formal function was attended by the Minister as the chief guest. During the program, the infrastructural problems of the institution were highlighted to the minister by the college staff.

Oken in his speech gave assurance that the DPC for instituting a regular principal for the aided college will be held within three months and the pending seven months salaries for teaching and non-teaching staff will be given within a week’s time.

He lauded the teachers and mentioned that quality education should be provided to the students and for that there should be proper transparency in the administrative system of educational institutes.

He stated that there is also the need for providing moral education and as such sensitizing the students to become productive members of society, this would also help in lowering of the immoral crimes prevalent in the State and would rather inculcate a sense of duty and discipline.

The Minister also mentioned that the education system of the State needs to be augmented systematically, so that it would be at par with the best educational institutions located throughout the rest of the country.

It would stop the students from leaving the State for greener pastures and plug the financial and drain of human resources.

Oken voiced that the funds pumped to the State through UGC grants should be better utilized in building of more practicable infrastructure rather than constructing swimming pools or unnecessary structures.

He referred the ongoing constructions at DM College as examples.

He lamented that some touts are collecting money in the guise of converting educational institutions from being aided ones to full-fledged UGC recognized status.

He said that such actions should be reported to proper authorities and stopped; Oken assured full transparency in augmenting the educational system of the State.  

In another visit to Sugnu Higher secondary school, the minister in a similar program promised ten lacs to be given for infrastructural development for the institute within August. Lack of teachers for the school along with other aided institutes will be filled up shortly as regularization process for around 900 contract teachers is currently underway, he said.

The team also took part in an awareness program for protection of the environment which was organized by the Voluntary Organization for Improvement of Community and Environment (VOICE) held at Sugnu Guest House.

At the function, Range Forest Officer,  Munan Meitei stated that the environmental status of the State was better in the past and before being merged in to the Indian nation.  He stated that forest management was done and the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru had sobriqueted Manipur as the ‘Switzerland of India’. Now that title has lost meaning due to rampant destruction of the forests, he said.  It was suggested to the minister that students should be inculcated with the habit of planting trees. A student should plant a minimum number of trees, a certificate should be given to them which should be mandatory while seeking admission. The 7 day action oriented program objective is to stop deforestation activities and finding an ulterior means to using timber. 600 trees were planted by students and civil organizations in the initiative.

The Minister also mentioned that there are plans underway for each NREGS worker to plant ten trees at least.

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