CDSU warns against “self-styled” student leaders

LAMKA, June 24: The Churchandpur District Students’ Union (CDSU) in a press statement has today retaliated that it is the apex student body based in Ccpur and said that it will continue to work for the unity and welfare of the district.

It say  that it is one among the five constituent units of ATSUM which, it say, is the apex tribal body and a legitimate student union  of  the entire  tribal people of Manipur, and as such  the CDSU pledge its endorsement of the incumbent office bearers of ATSUM.

Further the press statement say that the CDSU condemns in the strongest term, the unscrupulous self-styled student leaders who are bent on derailing the smooth functioning of ATSUM and warned them to desist from meddling in the affairs of ATSUM.

The press statement continued that the CDSU neither approves nor recognize the so called interim body of ATSUM which it says is 'illegitimate as it has absolutely failed to garner the support and cooperation of various student organisations'. 

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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