Trinamool Congress attacks Cong govt

LAMKA, May 16: The  Trinamool Congress (TC) today called on the press at Songgel  Tuibuang  CCpur to  continue on their resolve to bring a change in Manipur which was also attended by many village chiefs from the area of Henglep sub division, Ccpur including non-Congress MDCs.

The president of MPTC Kim Gangte asked all the people present to give them a chance in the next election.

Kim said that the incumbent government had made promise after promise and asked how long they are going to continue as they had control India for more than 65 years,  she said “The Dy CM had in one occasion/seminar said that to bring development we should have equal treatment between the hill and valley but we say “no” because the geographical condition so demands that the grant in the hill areas are doubled to bring that equality and for that to happen we need actions and not lip service.

On the question of accountability, the ex-MP said that the MLAs and Ministers had to exhibit transparency by declaring their assets if they want transparency and not force the MDC to do first.

She continued that she feel sad to see people who had to come together and contribute money to fix transformers when it is spoilt, and they again had to contribute to call the linemen to fix the transformer and this had to stop, she said and the TC will end this power problem if given a chance.

Kim Gangte said that the TC is against the public private partnership (PPP) as this will create problems for the common people.

The TC is also against the use of electronic voting machines in the election as it can be manipulated and further justified her statement saying that all the western countries had done so.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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