Relief materials pour in for villagers of Silent Khul

IMPHAL, May 5: The Information Centre for Hill Areas, Manipur (ICHAM) has lent support to the villagers of Silent Khul who have suffered the loss of their homes and property in  a land discord with a neighbouring village. ICHAM today brought in relief materials including 30 bags of rice, 2 bags of pulses, 30 pieces of blankets, one bag of salt, 4 pieces of tent materials.

N Rajendro, President ICHAM expressed his sadness and that such an  incident had happened and voiced his condemnation. He further said that ICHAM will take part in settling the issue of the land dispute and lend possible help required for the reconstruction of houses.

During the occasion, Preshow Shimray, MLA Chingai AC and former Chief Advisor of ICHAM said he shared the grievance of the victims and assured that the government is there for the villagers of Silent Khul. All the MLAs, ministers including CM and Deputy CM were unhappy over the incident, he said.

Praising the God for protecting him and his team in a recent ambush, Preshow Shimray prayed to bring peace of mind to the affected people. "As a Jesus knowing Christian we should know how to respond in such situation. Even if we are treated badly we should pray for them," he said.

Meanwhile, a team of representatives from the United Committee Manipur (UCM) has lent relief materail support which includes 15 bags of rice, 4 bags of onions, a bag of pulses, 3 tins of oil, 5 bags of potatoes, 4 bags of salt, a carton box of Rasna and match boxes.

Meanwhile,  Shyamsunder State Secretary of the Communist party of India Maxist Lenin (CPI-ML) and Irabot Research Commemoration committee along with various civil society organizations of the state today distributed relief materials.

All Manipur Intellectual Forum; All Manipur Democratic Women Forum; All Manipur Peasant Union; Student League Manipur; Manipur Youth League; All Manipur Rickshaw Drivers and puller Association and Unified Peoples Struggle Councilalso joined in providing the relief materials.

All together, 20 bags of rice, 1 bag of pulses and other eatables were handed over to the villagers of Silent Khul.

In an interaction with the villagers, Shyamsunder state secretary of CPI-ML said that the May 3 incident is very unfortunate and that the sole responsibility lies with the state government since it failed to short out the problem of the long time dispute between the two villages over the land dispute.

He further said that the relief materials being given to the victims from the side of the Government and various organizations is not enough to compensate for their loses.

He appealed to the villagers along with civil society organizations to form a relief committee and campaign for the proper construction of the village.

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