Evicted Kabaw Leikai residents appeal court against eviction

IMPHAL, May 25: Several Kabaw Leikai residents numbering 21 who were evicted by the government have filed a petition with the Court challenging the acquisition notice of the Manipur government this year.

In the petition, they said that they had inhabited the area constructing their houses since over sixty years back and appealed to the court not to allow eviction of residents. It may be mentioned that residents of Kabaw Leikai along the Naga River near North AOC, Imphal were forcibly evicted by police on May 20.

The Manipur government had in a notification on December 17, 2010 said that the said land areas would be acquired for upgrading Imphal hotel to a 5-Star Hotel.

As per the petition, it was issued for the areas of Kabaw Leikai along the Naga River to remain status quo following the hearing on the case No. wp (c) No. 105/2013 by the High Court of Manipur. The order of the court was passed on April 18, 2013. But the Manipur government evicted the residents of the area on May 20 using police personnel without setting the required deadline for the residents to shift their houses.

However, though the houses at the area had been knocked down, petitioners of the case No. wp (c) No. 105/2013 filed a petition again with the Court  the next day. In the petition, petitioners appealed to provide land where they can live as their houses were pulled down and not to allow taking up any new work of any sort at the area where their houses had been demolished until their living land is allotted to them.

The hearing has been scheduled for May 27 with the High court of Manipur admitting the Misc petition. The court will pass a judgement following the hearing at the court on this day.

On the other hand, 21 petitioners filed another petition with the court on May 24, 2013 to initiate contempt proceeding against the demolition of houses by force though the High court of Manipur made the ruling on April 18, 2013 on the said area to remain status quo.

The petition was filed to bring contempt proceeding against the Commissioner (Revenue) of Manipur government and Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East. The hearing on the contempt proceeding will be held after one week.

In the meanwhile, Grace Shatshang, Convenor of Joint Action Committee Against Forced Eviction of Naga River Lane-Kabaw Leikai, Dewlahland said, the JAC formed against the forced eviction of the residents of Naga RiveriKabo Leikai by the State Government vehemently condemned the action of the Security personal under the leadership of SP of Imphal West Jayanta towards the democratic and non-violence attitude of the JAC while visiting the victims at Naga River on the 25th May 2013.

The JACs intention in visiting the eviction area was non-violent and with the sole motive of consoling the victims who refused to move away from the area.

The decision of the State Government in sending heavily armed Police personal towards the non-violent visit of the JAC was undemocratic and uncivilized. Many families refused to move away from the area although their houses were destroyed completely; despite the rain, they took shelter under a small makeshift hut constructed by combining the debris of the houses. Considering the anti poor and violence attitude of the state government, the JAC unanimously resolved not to accept any compensation towards the forced eviction and instead demanded the immediate reconstruction of all the houses destroyed.The JAC has appealed to all Civil Societies, NGOs, Philanthropic Organizations, Human Rights Activists, Youth/Students organisations and well wishers to reach out to the helpless victims.

Meanwhile, concern authorities of the Imphal East district have imposed Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in the schedule area between the road leading to 2nd Manipur Rifles (Southern Gate) in the north; Naga River in the South and the East and Hotel Imphal in the west.

An order of the Addl District Magistrate, Imphal East has said that reliable reports had been received that there is likelihood of causing serious breach of peace, disturbance to public tranquility and grave danger to human lives and properties because of the unlawful activities of some anti-social elements for furtherance of their evil designs in Imphal East District, in the said area.

And as such the Addl DM Imphal East in exercise of the powers conferred under Sub-section 2 of Section, 144 CrPC, 1973, has prohibited assembly of five or more persons which is likely to turn unlawful in the area and also prohibited carrying of sticks, stones, firearms and weapons of any other descriptions or objects which can be used as offensive weapons within the said area from 6 pm of May 24 till 6 pm of June 8.

It has however informed that the order shall not apply to the agencies of the government involved in the enforcement of law and order and the maintenance of essential services.

It has also said that persons who want to take out procession, public meeting, rally etc. within the schedule of area may apply to the concerned official for permission.

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