BJP, Manipur Pradesh joins nationwide protest against UPA

IMPHAL, May 4: The Bhartiya Janata Pradesh, Manipur Pradesh as in other parts of the country today held a sit in protest against several issues ailing the country under the Congress led government and demanded the resignation of Prime Minister and removal of Law Minister Ashwani Kumar.

As part of the nation-wide protest, the state unit of the party also staged a sit in protest at the Keishampat Lairembi Community Hall today. North East in charge, BJP, Tapi Gao was also present at the sit in protest today.

The sit in was also attended by state president, Th Chaoba, BJP Mahila Morcha, national vice president, Adhikarimayum (o) Sharda Devi and other senior leaders of the party Professor Gangumei Kamei and L Jatra among others.

Addressing the sit in protest, Th Chaoba said the Congress led government has committed huge scams in all the three spheres of the Universe. He continued that corruption and scams have become the mainstay in the country under the Congress led government at the Centre.

He claimed that a NDA government will return to power in 2014 by toppling the UPA government.

Coming back to the Congress government in the state, the BJP president said Manipur is one of the most corrupted states of the country.

The BJP president alleged that people in power have already collected huge amounts of sums from the aspirants for police jobs.

He said, the BJP will expose the corruption of the present Congress government in the state and abolish corruption.

He said the party will also file an RTI to expose the present government in the state.

NE in charge, Tapi Gao in his speech said the present Congress led UPA government has failed to control the issues of the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

"There is no lack of scams in India and the continuation of the Indian Democracy under the leadership of present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is unimaginable," he lamented.

He claimed, “The boundary and limits of corruption has been broken by Sonia and Manmohan. The voice of the people it the voice of God. ”

The resignation of the Additional Solicitor General Haren Rawal over the coal gate indicates that they have no confidence on the government, he said.

National vice president, Mahila Morcha, Adhikarimayum (o) Sharda Devi said the various examples of scams and corruption of the UPA government includes the coal gate allocation scam, 2G spectrum scam, Commonwealth games scam, Adarsh Housing, Helicopter deal etc.

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