Locals find dead infant body in mother's hand-bag

IMPHAL, April 1: Locals of Mayang-Imphal Thana Maning Leikai have expressed displeasure over the silence of the police regarding the alleged killing of a newly born baby by the mother (IFP is witholding her identity) . The incident allegedly occurred on March 27 early morning around 4 am.

The woman’s husband had killed himself by hanging some years back following which, the woman stayed with her two daughters and one son at her deceased husband’s home.

After her husband’s death, she had been working at a hotel and looking after her children.

Some months back, neighbours  started questioning the woman over the changes in her physical appearance and more so, a protruding belly which she dismissed by saying that she has incurred some stomach problems.

The locals alleged that the dead body of the child was found inside the woman's hand- bag by one of her relatives while searching for “Talab” and maintained that the woman after killing her baby, had put the body inside her hand bag.

Following the recovery, locals reported the incident to the Mayang Imphal Social Welfare Club. After its failure to bring a solution to the issue, the club informed the police.

However the police are yet to take up any action over the issue, locals lamented.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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