Govt. Schools in Chandel

IMPHAL, April 29: A press release of The Kuki Students' Organisation Chandel said that it has expressed its profound dissatisfaction over the function of almost all the Govt. Schools within its jurisdiction in Chandel District. As per the report found in most of the Govt. Schools, almost all the teachers have neglected heir duties. In this regard, a meeting of all the teachers, Head Masters/Headmistresses, and all the chiefs were held earlier and warned that an appropriate action should be initiated against all the defaulters under RTE. An appeal has also been made through the newspapers for many times to join or report to their respective posting places. Yet, most of the teachers are found adamant and never concerned about the appeal made by the students' body. Once again, the organisation appealed to report to their respective schools within 11th May, 2013.

However, any teachers found not complying with this request within the stipulated time, their name shall be published in the newspapers and any schools found not maintaining proper records and quality education, that school will be shut down and it will be the sole responsibility of the concerned authority for any untoward incidents arising out of this.

It expressed surprise that the school uniform under SSA meant for the students are yet to reach its destination while questioning What the concerned authority is still doing when a quarter of the academic session has been already over? It further appealed to the concerned authority to hand it over to the respective SMDCs in cash as per their allocation so that they can arrange according to the measurements of the students. In the past, the material has been randomly supplied in lieu of the cash where it does not serve the purpose meaningfully. The KSO-Chandel asserted that it will always strive for bringing quality and education for all.

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