Attempt to deviate SSA Fund condemned

IMPHAL, April 13: In a joint statement signed by Shri Paotong Doungel, Sadar Hills representative/Member, K.Romeo, Imphal East representative/Member and NS. Chipemmi, Sadar Hills representative/Member condemned the attempt by the Govt. of Manipur to deviate SSA Civil Works funds to the Engineering Wing (Edn/s) Vide Govt. letter No. 33/4/2012 (5) Pt.A. It further pointed out that Para 90.1 and para 91.3 of Manual on financial Management  and procurement and para 26.1 of the framework of implementation clearly state that SSA fund  can never be deviated or diverted in any form and that no contractors can be engaged in the  construction of Civil Works under SSA. The attempt of the Govt. of Manipur to deviate/divert  the said fund is not only illegal but a deliberate attempt to deprive the rights of the people especially Right to Education, RTE (2009) Act, it said while adding that no one has the authority to distort, supplant or implant the contents of the guidelines, rules and acts. The joint statement claimed that an interim order has been obtained  stating that no contractors  should be engaged in the construction of SSA Civil Works vide WP (C) 485, WP(C) 501 and  WP(C) 504 against the said Govt. Order. A final order from the Guwahati High Court for release of the fund has also been obtained in this regard with a contempt petition bearing case No.60 vide wp(C) 734 being initiated for non-response from the concerned authority.

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