Trespassing at CAU girls hostel

IMPHAL, March 25: Students of Central Agricultural University, Iroishemba has called a college strike today protesting against alleged trespassing by unknown individuals at the girls hostel of the college repeatedly.

Speaking to the media, a girl student studying in her 4th Semester at the college, said two hostellers saw an unknown person roaming inside the girls hostel today morning at around 12:10 am following which, the two informed other students in the hostel through SMS.

After sometime, the hostellers saw a man coming out from a bathroom of the hostel and heading towards four students who were standing at the corridor of the hostel building. The girls ran inside their rooms and locked themselves after seeing the man. The man even tried to force one of the doors, the student said.

When the students tried to inform Warden Rk Tombisana, her phone was switched off, the student said.

While complaining that this same case had earlier happened on February 14 last, a hosteller said that college authorities stopped them from taking up the matter to the police saying it will bring a bad reputation to the college.

The hostellers said that yesterday, there were three people who were trespassing inside the girls’ hostel and that on another occasion on March 14, there were five people.

Clothes of the hostellers which had been stolen on March 14 were brought back and left  today, which proves that  the same people are trespassing repeatedly, the hostellers said.

One of the trespassers today was seen wearing a black jumper when the hostellers first saw him but later, he went inside the bathroom and came out wearing women’s attire. He was also wearing eye liner and was heading towards the new campus construction site, a hosteller said.

Another hosteller said that the trespassers stole only ladies inner garments and nothing else was stolen, adding that the clothes which were stolen last time were brought back and left at the hostel this time.

Following the student agitation today, police picked up four workers who are engaged in the construction works of the hostel building for interrogation in regard with the incident.

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