Gaikhangam speaks on importance of unity at Vaiphei Conference

LAMKA, March 22: The Vaiphei People Council (VPC) today inaugurated its General conference cum cultural festival at the VPC community center at Bethel Veng in Churachandpur which also serves as its head quarter, which will continue till March 23.

The Deputy CM of Manipur, Gaikhangam attended the function as the Chief Guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Gaikhangam  talked about the paramount importance of unity amongst the different communities living in Manipur. Apart from expressing his gratitude to the organizing committee, he echoed the message of unity saying that the Vaiphei community has a lot of contribution to give and further retaliated his earlier saying “We are one and we should not antagonize one another”.

He also said, “Since we form our State under the Republic of India, we must work for it”.

He went on to add, "There are more than 38 tribes in Manipur and we cannot be a caste based society," while adding that there are more than 10 tribes who are vying for recognition at present.

He praised the contribution of the Vaiphei Tribe, who, he said, had a high percentage of officers among the different constituent tribe of Manipur.

He also stated that he would look into the petition given to him by the VPC officials for financial aid for their community hall project and offered his good will for the completion of its construction.

The functional president T Manga Vaiphei, MLA  and Chairman MTDC, speaking at the function thanked the Dy CMwho, he said, had come to the function amid a hectic schedule as he had to attend to Party matter and his official work, which he said, speaks volumes about his love for the Vaiphei people.

Many people from the community turned up today including the Add. DGP, ML Khaute apart from MDC and top officials from the Vaiphei community.

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